WordPress Secret Key Generator

How to generate WordPress Secret Keys

  • Press the Generate button
  • Select the Copy to Clipboard option.
  • Then paste the generated secret keys inside your wp-config.php file under your WordPress installation directory.

What are WordPress Secret Keys?

WordPress Secret Key (Salt) are a random set of 8 variables that were added in 2.6+ version of WP in order to improve the encryption of the information stored in user's cookies.

Why should I use WordPress Security Keys?

WordPress Security Keys add an extra layer of security in your WordPress installation by encrypting sensitive data such as the username passwords by changing the plain text into a random and unpredictable encrypted password

When should I change(re-generate) my WordPress Security keys?

Its essential to change your WordPress Security(Salt) Keys whenever your WordPress Site gets hacked. Even if you manage to change your WP database and user passwords if the hackers have(and they probably do) your site Security Keys then they can easily regain access an dhack you again and again.
That said its essential to change your WordPress Security Keys if you feel like getting hacked.